Total Health Systems Welcomes Lindsey Kubik, Licensed Acupuncturist


Lindsey Kubik LMT, LAc, Dipl OM, MSTOM, recently graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM) of Chicago with a Masters in Oriental and herbal medicine. Her training at PCOM consisted of over 900 hours of clinical experience and over 3,000 didactic hours. 

Lindsey’s passion has always been to help people. In 2012 she graduated from Central Carolina’s massage program and entered the healthcare field by working alongside chiropractors. There she acquired the ability to view each patient as an individual, and create customized treatment plans. This work was profoundly rewarding, however she felt the need to help on a deeper level. Chinese medicine was introduced during childhood when she saw her aunt with auricular acupuncture needles. She became intrigued and began to research this medicine, but kept it in the back of her mind due to limited schooling options. Twelve years later, she found PCOM Chicago. Lindsey is so excited to be able to finally empower people to engage in their own health. Early intervention and prevention is the belief she employs to share with her community. During her training at PCOM, integrative healthcare between Western and Eastern medicine was largely discussed and she encourages her patients to incorporate both in their journey to health. Lindsey’s mission is to provide preventative and affordable care to the community in a welcoming and healing environment. 

In her free time Lindsey enjoys spending time with her loved ones, playing board games, and spending time outdoors. She also has three rescue animals, whom she completely adores. Copper, her 9 year old “pup”, Anubis, her 11 year old cat, and Tri, her 14 year old three legged bearded dragon. 

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