let's move festival of racesInspired by the National “Let’s Move” Campaign to combat childhood obesity in America, Total Health Systems of Macomb County helped sponsor and present an exciting health and fitness program with a runner friendly festival of races.

The Let’s Move Festival of Races Macomb was organized to promote health and fitness for all Americans through a premier running event in Macomb County. The Macomb Health and Fitness Foundation, Inc, a non-profit organization, objective is to promote healthy lifestyles throughout an individual’s lifetime. In support of this objective, this annual event included events for the adult physically fit competitor and also events designed to promote physical fitness in children and support the active lifestyle for seniors.

Proceeds generated from the event were returned to the community through grants to civic and philanthropic organizations of Macomb County in support of healthy living education and physical fitness.

Total Health Systems of Macomb County also entered a team of runners in the event.  The team consisted of staff chiropractors, physical therapists, athletic trainers, massage therapists, and support staff.  Also patients who committed to training were invited to be on the team.  These patients included those with previous, low back pain, neck pain, and other sports injuries that were successfully treated by Total Health Systems.

Beyond fielding a large running team, Total Health Systems also provided complementary health information at the two- day health and fitness expo at the Concorde Inn in Macomb CountyGait scan analysis, metabolic testing and chair massages were all provided for the participants.  Also, our staff athletic trainer and endurance athlete, Laurie Nuyens, provided a seminar to participan ts entitled, “Fitness Myths Busted”.  Common myths included the skinny on infomercial products such as the shake weight, sketcher shape-ups, and P90X.