Total Health Services

Licensed Chiropractic Physician wanted for a multi-disciplinary clinic located in Macomb County, Michigan with clinics in Clinton Township, Washington, Chesterfield, St. Clair Shores and Center Line. Services include chiropractic, medical, physical therapy, rehab, massage therapy, nutrition, wellness and fitness. $60,000.00 to $65,000.00/bonuses starting salary. Benefits are extremely competitive.  We are looking for a dynamic person who can work with a team and is willing to get involved in the community. Must be licensed in the state of Michigan.

Chiropractic Physicians are responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of the patients of Total Health Systems.  The Chiropractic associate works directly with office management and director of clinical services.  Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Adjusting patients.
  • Orthopedic appliance examinations.
  • Consultations.
  •  X-ray study analysis.
  • Patient education and communication.
  • Rehabilitation procedure.
  • Writing of narratives.
  • Good knowledge of insurance coverage.
  • Exhibits both professional enthusiasm and personal warmth towards patients.
  • Patient recall through phone and mail.
  • Reports all unusual or irregular problems to the office manager and/or clinic director.
  • Remains aware of, and abides by, the policies under which the associate doctor is employed.

Chiropractic associates are expected to adhere to all laws guaranteeing privacy of protected health information. It is the sole responsibility of the chiropractic associate to understand HIPAA laws, and the office policies and procedures regarding HIPAA set forth by Total Health Systems, PC.  Full-time, Contract  Pay: $60,000.00 – $65,000.00 per year