jessica sacha of total health systemsLike many people starting college I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my career, so I decided to just start with taking my basic courses. I attended Macomb College for about two years.   I had been working as a server and enjoyed working with people and making them happy. Now I knew that I didn’t want to wait on tables for the rest of my life, but wanted to find a career where I would be doing something similar.  I didn’t end up going back to school right away, continuing to work tables to make ends meet, but the seed of working with and making people happy was there.

After a few more years of waiting tables and working in an office environment on and off, my mom and I had a conversation.   She told me that I needed to try and figure out what I wanted to do for a career, because she wanted me to make more out of my life.   One of the things I looked into was massage therapy. I took my time and did a little research and after talking to some of my friends and family I decided to become a massage therapist.

I decided on attending Irene’s Myomassology Institute, where I began taking classes in February of 2009. I was extremely nervous and excited all at once to see how I would do in my new adventure. I attended classes two days a week with three classes including hands on which was my favorite, getting to learn all the different techniques that I would be using. There was also a lecture which included anatomy, pathology, and physiology.  I was most nervous about those courses because I really struggled with science in the past. I ended up enjoying those classes, because they helped me learn more about the body and how I could help people with different health issues.

After a year of massage school, with graduation just around the corner I couldn’t wait to find a job. I went on quite a few interviews.   Total Health Systems called back and offered me a position and wanted me to start the following week. I remember that I was ecstatic, and started calling everyone to tell them.

I really enjoy working at Total Health Systems and I like how massage therapy coincides with chiropractic and physical therapy. I am still always learning and look forward to new experiences with clients and patients that can add to my career.  I am extremely happy with the decision that I made to become a massage therapistTotal Health Systems of Macomb County is an excellent place to come for all your massage needs because we take a truly integrated approach to helping you not just feel better, but get healthy!