Jennifer Savage, Billing Manager, Total Health Systems


jennifer savage total health systemsThis is Jennifer Savage’s story about how she came to Total Health Systems of Macomb County in her current position as Billing and Office Manager:

Being born to a Chiropractor in the 60’s was quite the experience to say the least.  Not many people were educated as to what Chiropractic was, what types of patients he saw, what treatment was like, and how it works.  The 70’s were just as exciting, and chiropractic was an up and coming, growing profession!

I remember an oral quiz in 5th grade, and the teacher asked, “who knows what D.C. stands for?” I raised my hand and answered “Doctor of Chiropractic!” She was surprised, apparently she was looking for District of Columbia.

Chiropractic, for me and for my family, was not a realization we came to one day, or that AHA! Moment, it was a way of life.  We were shown through the healing power of the body and an adjustment just how potent Chiropractic and the philosophy behind it was! Many of our summer vacations were spent in Marietta, Georgia at Life Chiropractic College.  We attended lectures and seminars with our parents, and had day trips with the “other” chiropractic children, who came from all over!

I wasn’t raised on aspirin for headaches, and pain killers for sprains.  Most of my friends and their parents’ could not understand why I wasn’t “permitted” to take an aspirin, and really didn’t even know what they were “used” for.  They would ask me all kinds of questions, and I just didn’t understand how they “didn’t get it!”  When I couldn’t give them the answers they sought, because as I have mentioned, chiropractic made perfect sense to me, they started talking to my parents and asking my father questions.

I would watch my dad get out his books, his spine and start to explain about the “power of the body to heal” through chiropractic! It was amazing! He was amazing! Then I had the privilege to watch many, many people, from infants to elders, get adjusted for the first time! Incredible experience! (Doesn’t everyone have an adjusting table in their living room?)

I have had several interests, and career paths, but have always kept Chiropractic an active part of my life and my childrens’ lives. Chiropractic first, medicine second, surgery last was what I was taught, how I chose to raise my family and what I truly believe!  Our staff, though diverse backgrounds, come together for a common goal- non-surgical approach to healing! Awesome!

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