Hello Biggest Winners!

Great Job! It is with great excitement that we announce that you have lost 41 pounds of fat as a group your first week!

You have committed to the decision to improve your health and wellness, and are investing important time into the First Line Therapy weight loss and wellness program!

You have pledged to do your best to learn the science of healthy eating and physical activity to improve your health, and are doing it daily!

You understand that for your program to be a success and to transform your life, you are following your food plan, exercising, and attending your weekly FLT appointments and meetings – great job!

You are an active participant in your health care, and are contributing to your food and exercise plan daily, and tracking yfood and exercise,

You are an active participant in the Biggest Winner program and understand your commitment and value of team support

You are a success! Keep on believing you have what it takes to reach your goal!

Keep thinking positive thoughts and know you have the ability to make positive and lasting lifestyle changes!

Reach deep within every day, and find the encouragement and power you have inside to achieve your goals!

Keep on trying, hour by hour, day by day, week by week, month by month! Accept the things you must, and change the things you can….

You are doing it! Together as a Team, we are a success!

Tips to stay on track

  • Do not skip meals – you need to keep your metabolism running all day
  • Remember that skipping meals deprives your body of needed nutrients that ensure your health and wellness success
  • “Break the fast” in the morning – skipping breakfast signals a fasting mode to your body, and you store fat, and burn muscle for energy
  • Eating breakfast reduces the risk of obesity and metabolic syndrome by 35% – 50%, and keeps your motor running all day long!
  • Remember that eating a breakfast of High-Glucose foods (donuts, bagels, sugary cereals, etc.), increases your risk of heart disease and Type II Diabetes, and leads to highs and lows of energy all day long, headaches, inflammation, fatigue, and gastro problems
  • Eat slowly! It takes 20 minutes for your stomach to send the “full” message to your brain – eating is a pleasant experience so enjoy it!

Keep up the great job! See you at the “Biggest Winners”, Wednesday, 5:30pm, at Total Health, Chesterfield Clinic

For more information, contact Diane Delf, RN, Director of Wellness and Weight Management at ddelf@totalhealthsystems.com