What kind of workout can help you with….

  • Bone Strength
  • Base Mileage Building
  • Increased Glycogen Storage
  • Increase Capillary Capacity
  • Slow twitch muscle fiber development
  • Aerobic Capacity
  • Improved Muscle Tendon Stretch.
  • Fat Burning for Energy
  • Running Economy

Yes, there is one type of training run that can help you with ALL of these. And it is commonly the most one of the most neglected training run.  It’s the EZ or Easy run.

If you are following any of the training programs that Total Health Systems has posted on their website or ANY training program for that matter you have seen the term EZ or easy run.

This is run is very important and it commonly not done appropriately by runners.  Runners either don’t do it at all, or they run normal, or run faster to give themselves a feeling that the workout was worthwhile. As you can see though the EZ runs has a lot of benefits, but you have to do the EZ in order to reap those benefits.

Easy runs are 1-2 minutes slower than your projected pace. It is a tough balance between running too slow and too fast. It is a tough balance, and it is common for runners to not feel confidant they are doing it right.  If you want to know exactly how you should be running to reap the benefits you can have an exercise metabolic test done. This will tell us exactly what your Heart rate should be for your easy runs and all of your runs.  Check out the web site for more information. https://www.totalhealthsystems.com/fitness/metabolic-testing-macomb-county/