Half Marathon Training Program Defined

How to Train for the Romeo to Richmond Race
LSD- Sunday runs are you long slow runs. It is recommended that you run these runs slower than you intend to race. The first half should be very very comfortable, able to talk, or sing along to your ipod. Pick up your pace slightly for the second half of the run.

.5 wu – half mile warm up

.5 cd – half mile cool down

_x800 – this is about half a mile, or two laps at a track. It is recommended to do the workout at a track because the surface is a good break on your body and it is easily measurable. Run the two laps at a pace that is difficult to maintain for both laps. (it will take some practice to find that pace) You should be breathless, breathing heavy at the end. For another 2 laps recover, walk, jog slow, jog faster when feel ready. Repeat the hard 800 for as many times as indicated.

x mile – run the indicated number of miles, but do so in 1 mile sets. So go a little faster then comfortable for 1 mile, then recover for as long as needed before starting the next mile.

Race Pace- the pace you intend to run the race at.

5k pace – the pace you can maintain for 3 miles

10k pace – the pace you can maintain for 6 miles

Hills- make sure your route is not flat this day. Although the Macomb Orchard trail is not hilly,doing hills is good training for you legs. It helps to prevent injury by changing the muscle fire sequence, helping you over time to increase speed and leg strength.

EZ- Easy run, no watch, no heart rate monitor, just run and enjoy it. These runs are always after a long, run so the idea is just workout any stiffness and soreness. It’s about getting increase blood flow to you legs to help the muscle to recover.

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