Running is hard, if it was easy more people would do it. But you ARE doing it and sometimes I am sure it feels hard. Running should be hard SOMETIMES and other times is should be fun, and enjoyable. Here are a few fixes when running and training is just too hard.

FIX #1 Talk to yourself

Exercisers who repeated an inspiring phrase (such as I am strong and beautiful!) aloud at least three times before running a mile went faster and felt better than when they did the same run without the mantra, according to research from the University of Nevada. Along the same lines of this I like to visualize myself looking fresh, light and running with ease, just like you see on TV.

FIX #2 Partner up

Not only is exercising with a friend more fun than going solo, but the company also may make your workout feel easier, according to a recent British study. Researchers believe the camaraderie may heighten levels of mood-boosting hormones. I find even if I just meet someone at the path and we start out together for even just a half mile I feel better just knowing my partner is out there. It is also great to talk about how your training went after and be a support for each other.

FIX #3 Get a exercise metabolic test

Total Health Systems offers a test to find out what heart rates you should be working out at. If it feels too hard each and every run, you may be running too hard. Running too hard can mean you are not burning fat, pounding to hard on your body and just not having fun. Doing this test will allow our us to prescribe a 12 week training program to maximize your time and results. The program will include just right balance between hard and challenging runs and easy run all at the right heart rates for your current fitness level. Go to and click on Metabolic Testing under Fitness.


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