Chesterfield Township Patient Talks About First Line Therapeutic Lifestyle Program

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Chesterfield Township Patient Talks About First Line Therapeutic Lifestyle Program

Heart Burn Medication Patient“My cholesterol has dropped from 214 to 147 in twelve weeks on the First Line Therapeutic Lifestyle Program. My heart burn and indigestion are gone, and I have lost 15 pounds and 14 inches!”

“I have gone from high cholesterol, heart burn, weight gain, stomach aches, fatigue and all around unhappiness to normal cholesterol, and no longer suffer from heart burn and stomach aches, and have lost 15 pounds of weight, and over 14 inches. I no longer need to take daily cholesterol and heart burn medication, and after having my labs drawn, my doctor called me and said “Sharon, what have you been doing? Your cholesterol is now normal, and has dropped from 214 to 147!”. That was one of the best phone calls ever!”

“The past couple years of not taking care of myself, had resulted in high cholesterol, intense heart burn and stomach aches, weight gain, fatigue, and all around unhappiness. Within 12 weeks on First Line Therapy Lifestyle Program, I have lowered my cholesterol. It is finally normal. I no longer suffer with heart burn and stomach aches. I do not take daily cholesterol and heart burn medication anymore. My weight loss has tremendously increased my energy and attitude. I am finally no longer addicted to junk food. I am cautious about what I eat by eliminating sugar and bread. I can honestly say now, I do not crave them. As Diane Delf said, “you will crave what you eat”, and that is so true! The program has given me confidence and a great sense of well being.”

“What would I say to family or friends who are curious about Total Health Systems? I would say Do it….it is a great program! You will become educated on how food will affect your overall health and how important it is to be aware of what you eat and how it will affect you mentally and physically. The program will work for you if you have determination and you make a true commitment to yourself to change your behavior towards food and drink. The program is not difficult. When you are ready to make a change in your lifestyle, this program will work and you will be satisfied with your results. I would highly recommend this program. The medical food shakes are delicious and I look forward to having one every morning to get my day started.”

“What has pleased me most in my course of treatment at Total Health? Having the one on one treatments with Diane every week inspires me. We can discuss how my week went, what my struggles were, if I had any, and what is working for me. Not only is the weight loss encouraging me to stick to the program, but knowing what my vitals are doing and how my body is functioning is interesting as well. I also am very grateful and pleased that the program is covered by my health insurance plan.”

Sharon P. – Chesterfield Township, Michigan (Macomb County)

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Chesterfield Township Patient Talks About First Line Therapeutic Lifestyle Program

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