A healthy lifestyle means living your life everyday in a way that improves your health and wellness. It means making choices every day of your life that will enhance your health and wellness, and enable you to achieve a full and healthy life

A healthy lifestyle is possible for everyone, but to achieve it, you need to know which choices are good for you and which are not.

The First Line Therapy program provides you with the knowledge you need to make healthy lifestyle choices each day.

A healthy lifestyle is based on the premise that many of the chronic conditions associated with aging – hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis, as well as several forms of cancer, are not inevitable, but instead, many of these diseases are largely preventable simply by making sound lifestyle choices. Symptoms that people often view as signs of aging, such as low energy, poor memory, low libido,. chronic pain, and weight gain, are not signs of aging. They are signs of illness.

One of the most powerful lifestyle changes you can make to reduce your risk to common chronic diseases is related to improving your body composition.

Body composition is divided into two parts – body fat, and lean body mass.

  • Body fat is fairly simple to understand – it is just fat
  • Lean body mass includes everything in your body except fat – muscles, bones, organs, other tissue, fluids, etc

While a certain amount of fat is necessary for normal functioning, excess fat in relation to lean muscle can greatly increase your health risks. Muscle is the body’s biologically active tissue and needs a far greater amount of caloric fuel to maintain itself compared to fat.

  • A higher ratio of muscle to fat increases your metabolism, which means you burn more calories each day
  • Muscle contains proteins which are necessary for the vitality of your whole body
  • Loss of protein stores (muscle) means loss of function
  • During illness, muscle is the major source of protein for functions such as wound healing, white blood cell production, and antibody production

Therefore, muscle mass and strength are considered the top two indicators of healthy aging and why building muscle is key to a healthy life and wellness.

  • One of the most powerful tools in controlling the aging process and increased health and vitality is to improve your muscle-to-fat ratio by adding more muscle to your body, and reducing your body fat.
  • Exercise not only improves your muscle-to-fat ratio, but it also lowers cholesterol, improves quality of sleep, reduces stress and tension, elevates your mood and mental functioning, increases your libido, and improves your insulin sensitivity and blood sugar handling

Imagine waking up in the morning and feeling great!

  • You get up, bounce out of bed, smiling, and filled with energy that will take you easily through the day
  • You have the confidence to finally do the things activities you have been wanting to do!
  • You are gaining control of your health and control of your life. You feel good!

That is what First Line Therapy and a Therapeutic Lifestyle are all about!

  • It does not matter if you are male or female, young or older, in great shape, or never exercised in your life!
  • This program will help increase your energy, improve your shape, reduce your health risks, and maximize your overall wellbeing.

Isn’t it time to get moving in the direction of your goals with a health and wellness program today? Stay with it and you will reach your goal!


For additional information contact Diane Delf, RN, Director of Wellness and Weight Management at ddelf@totalhealthsystems.com