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Metagenics:  Cal Apatite® Bone Builder™ Forte provides advanced, bioactive support for healthy bones mineralization with Healthy Bone and Joint Supplementsmicrocrystalline hydroxyapatite concentrate (MCHC)— calcium-rich, bone-derived supplement that provides a broad spectrum of macro- and trace minerals, Type 1 collagen protein, the intact portion of bone, and bioactive bone growth factors.                        Ostera:  Promotes healthy bone remodeling biomarkers to support bone quality and integrity. In a clinical study of postmenopausal women with low estrogen levels, Ostera in conjunction with a modified Mediterranean, low glycemic diet and regular exercise It was shown to beneficially influence key markers of bone remodeling more than diet and exercise alone.

Standard Process:  Calcium Lactate supports absorption of calcium and magnesium.  Supports muscle contraction and nerve conduction.  Supports maintenance and function of cell membranes and membrane permeability.  Supports blood coagulation  Supports proper functioning of enzyme systems.  Supports and helps maintain healthy bone density and remodeling.