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December 2011

Chiropractic – is it Safe for Seniors?
Sleep Apnea Affects More Than Your Sleep
Give Yourself  the Gift of Chiropractic This Year!
Versatile Vitamin A: Especially Important During Flu Season

November 2011

Winter Activities – a likely cause for acute low back pain?
Holistic Methods Can Help with Migraine Headaches
The Top 5 Reasons to get Adjusted by your Chiropractor
What You Might Not Know About Antibacterial Soap

October 2011

Depression and Obesity – A Dangerous Combination
Natural Substances Show Promise in Fighting Cancer
Innate Intelligence and its Relation to Chiropractic
Alignment And The Human Body

September 2011

Why Do Children Need Chiropractic?
Is Your Child Anxious at School?
How Much Chiropractic Care Do You Need
How to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthier Food

August 2011

Core Stabilization – Foundation of a Healthy Lower Back
Healing Herbs for Pain and Inflammation
Pregnancy and Low Back Pain
How Posture Influences Your Physical & Mental Health

July 2011

The Many Facets of Pain
New Research Reveals Numerous Benefits of Tai Chi
A Wry Neck Is Nothing to Laugh About
Diet, Exercise & Chiropractic Can Ease PMS

June 2011

The Health Benefits of Stretching
The Vital Importance of a Healthy Liver
Facet Joint Syndrome – A Chiropractic Specialty
How Do Multivitamins Benefit Your Health?