Get Moving and Improve your Health and Fitness BenefitsHealth and Fitness!

There are a number of physical exercise benefits.

Most people know that regular exercise reduces your risk for chronic conditions such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and obesity. But did you know that the psychological benefits of exercise can be just as important and powerful to your health and well being?

Perhaps no other action you take will have a more dramatic and immediate impact on your life as committing to being physically active on a regular basis. Exercise enhances your quality of life and can bring back vitality, confidence, a sense of well being, and passion for life.

How to begin?

Think about your current level of physical activity and exercise. Consider the activities you enjoy and that get you moving. Look at activities that interest you and bring you joy and happiness.

Learn about the health benefits of being in motion.

Regulates blood sugar, even for type II diabetics. The results are fast and the effectiveness is powerful. Exercise reduces your risk for cardiovascular disease – decreases inflammation, regulates blood pressure, improves cholesterol levels, decreases triglycerides, and reduces risk for atherosclerosis of the arteries, and stroke.

Prevents and even reverse muscle loss (sarcopenia)

Exercise is a fountain of youth and can turn back the hands of time by actually reversing age-related muscle loss. The World Health Organization (WHO) affirms maintaining muscle mass is the number one predictor of graceful aging.

Improves Body Composition

More Muscle = Less Fat! Along with a healthy food plan such as First Line Therapy, you will create a better body shape by firming up, reducing excess body fat, and building and maintaining good muscle tone

Improves Mood!

Exercise has been shown to be the most effective method of treating depression, even better than the leading pharmaceutical drugs. People that exercise on a regular basis report enhanced vigor and vitality, increase energy, increased alertness, increased health and fitness, and enhanced well-being! Get Moving and Feel Better!

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