Top 3 Fitness Tips for Summer 2014

Last week I shared one of my top three fitness tips for summer. I talked about the importance of scheduling your workout. This week I am discussing the advantages of having an an event to train for.

Have an Event

Event does not mean you have to do a full marathon, or even jog a 5k. Although these are good options for some. There are so many events every weekend. Take a look at some of your options

Fall Marathon or half marathon
If you are an experienced runner, you likely already know that having a race on your calendar is helpful in holding yourself accountable to your training. For experienced runners looking to stay on track thru the summer training for a fall half marathon or full marathon is a great way to stay focused thru the summer.Half Marathon Health Benefits

Romeo2Richmond 9-14:

Detroit Women’s Half Marathon and 5k 9-21:

Brooksie Way in Rochester 9-28:


Charitable Walks
If you are not a runner, you have many other options as well. There are many charitable walks throughout the summer as well. These events are open to all fitness levels and walking paces.
There are also a number of group bike rides to participate in. There will be some serious cyclists there but everyone is there to enjoy the ride. It’s called a tour, it’s not a race. Everyone starts when they want and ride the pace they want to. The best part is that some tours will even give you breakfast or lunch. Tours can vary in length from 20 miles to 100 miles. If 20 miles seems like a lot, no worries it’s something that you can work up to. Remember the whole idea is to give you a goal that helps you stay focused and committed to your fitness. On tour day you are free to take stops and rest. It’s not a race 🙂

Blue Water Ramble is one of my favorites but check out: for more options.