IT Band foam roller, Total Health SystemsNovember 15, 2014 – November 15, 2014

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Sat, November 15, 10am, Clinton Township, Maximize Your Mobility Workshop, Ryan Schroeder, Personal Trainer
“I am not very flexible” “My body does not move how it used to” “My body gets so stiff if I sit for too long”
How many of you have heard your chiropractor, massage therapists or physical therapist tell you to stretch more?  If this sounds like you, we have just the workshop for you. This workshop will include:
Self myo-fascial release techniques using the foam roller.
How to assist yourself in various stretches.  With a little assistance you can accomplish so much more.
How to use the stability ball for stretching and mobility. THS will provide a limited number of mats, foam rollers, stability balls and stretch straps.   If you have your own please bring it.  Foam Rollers and stretch straps are available for purchase at the clinic.