Who is going to be the Biggest Winner? Is it you?


Food Plan is the Base of Your SuccessThe weeks are progressing, and we are seeing great results with our members of First Line Therapy’s Biggest Winner program. Remember, your 90 Day Challenge starts on Day One of your program. One day at a time, one week, one month. Learn, reach, stretch, and grow! Breathe in good health daily, let go of stress. Get outside and enjoy the amazing weather we are having in Michigan! Feel the sun warm on your face, and focus on your goals. See yourself achieving your goal, smiling, healthy, radiant. You can do it!! We are here to support, encourage, motivate, and be with you on your journey.

Are you enjoying eating healthy with the First Line Therapy Program? Do you have questions about the food plan? Are you tracking your foods daily, and being sure to get all your food and supplements in each day? The food plan is the ground level of your success. Feel it under your feet. Solid, healthy, and confident. Check in daily on how you are feeling. Your sugars are balancing out, you have more energy, you are feeling satisfied, and your cravings are diminishing.

Feel how good it feels to feel good!

Coming weekly to our Biggest Winner meeting is a VERY IMPORTANT part of your success.
Our weekly meetings are a great way to learn new ways to improve your health, learn new food tips, provide support, motivation, and get a great 30 minute workout with our Personal Trainer at no cost. Plus research demonstrates time and time again that weekly accountability with the scale is very important to your lifestyle change success. It is a tool that keeps us on track, along with our food and activity tracking sheets.

How is your weekly activity? Exercising 5x/week is recommended, and walking is a great way to meet those program goals. Are you wearing your pedometer daily? Tracking daily activity and staying focused on weekly, or even daily goals is what will be motivating and lead you to greater success. It is important to include stretching, flexibility, weight resistance, and cardiovascular workouts as part your weekly activity goals. Come to our weekly meetings and learn how to safely and effectively include all aspects of physical exercise in your weekly workouts.

See you Wednesday, May 22, 2013, 5:30pm, at our Chesterfield clinic.

Enjoy the day!

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