Marsha started doing FitRanx in May 2015 at our Chesterfield location. Marsha attends FitRanX 3x week and has perfect attendance. Marsha is currently ranked at Level One and will be testing for Level Two in Dec.

FitRanX Athlete - Marsha BurnsPrior to doing FitRanX Marsha was NOT active. “This is the first program I’ve been able to stick to, I knew after only a few sessions” Being in FitRanX has given Marsha the confidence to try other programs such as yoga, 5k runs, and other fitness classes. “No way would I have had the confidence to try new things before FitRanX”.
Marsha has great technique, strength, and endurance. Her positive and go-getter attitude is a great motivator for other athletes.
Favorite Exercise – Kettle bell Swings
Least favorite exercise – Mountain Climbers
Most improved exercise – Shoulder press
Other hobbies – riding her motorbike, jewelry making, and spending time with her 3 dogs.
Favorite cheat food – Chocolate.