Top 6 reasons to give FitRanx a Try!FitRanX - 6 Reasons to Try It

  1. You have been telling yourself you need to start doing something.
  2. Having an appointment or a scheduled time assures your workout gets done.
  3. The workout you have been doing it getting boring and you are no longer seeing results.
  4. Because you need to do more than just cardio.
  5. You have read that high intensity intervals are a great way to improve your fitness and lose weight. But who can do IT alone? You can’t, you will do so much better with a group!
  6. You are ready to take your workout to next Level. (Literally.)

fitness-ranking-systemFitRanx is small group personal training but with a little extra motivation. Our FitRanx athletes are working to get themselves ranked into one of the levels. Having that motivation to pass the next level requirements gives you something to measure your success and something to push for.

Our trainers are here to help make each exercise appropriate for you and your current fitness levels.

Ready to try it? Email me at now and I will send you our 21 days for $21 special and the schedule of sessions at both the Chesterfield and Clinton Township location.

Still not sure, set up a free fitness consultation and we can talk more about your situation and how to get you started.