Total Health Systems Announces our Spring/Summer 1st Place Male Biggest Winner

Walt Rush, Spring 2014 biggest winner

Total Health Systems Introduces First Line Therapy - Walt RushWalt Rush


These are words of wisdom from this amazing man! Walt is a ”Rush” of positive energy and motivation, (hence his nickname – “Rush”), who has worked hard at making great life style changes. Twelve weeks ago, he made the call to Total Health for a FREE Nutritional Consult for our First Line Therapy healthy lifestyle change program, joined our Biggest Winner 90 Day Challenge, and never looked back!

Walt is a successful business man with his own company, and a devoted family man. His schedule is tight and often overbooked, but once he committed to the First Line Therapy program and the 90 day Biggest Winner, he decided his health needed to be addressed, and made the time to make healthy lifestyle changes.

He began Total Health’s First Line Therapy Program because he was interested in getting healthier, losing weight, lowering blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. Walt made the decision to go for it full speed. The food plan is easy to follow and great for lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugars, losing weight and inches, and is very healthy. It is rich in lean meats, colorful fruits and vegetables, legumes, healthy oils and nuts, and lots of water to stay well hydrated, and it is based on the American Heart Association diet and the healthy Mediterranean food plan.

Walt committed 100% and met many goals and challenges, even with his often overbooked work schedule. He plans on continuing his health and wellness program, losing more weight, feeling good, and enjoying is family, friends, traveling, and more!

• Staying focused on getting healthy and losing weight
• Planning healthy meals and sticking to his food plan
• Increased exercise, especially cardio and resistance
• Increased water intake, decreased caffeine
• Cut out pop and soda completely
• Committed to the First Line Therapy and Biggest Winner Challenge

Weight Loss – 27 pounds
Inches Lost – 22. 5

Blood Sugar Levels
– Before A1C – 9.3
– After 12 weeks A1C – 6.6


For more information how you can become healthier, lose weight, and feel great, contact:

Diane Delf, RN
Director of Wellness and Weight Management
Total Health Systems (586) 228-0270

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