Each month we chose an Athlete from one of our 18 FitRanx groups to recognize as our Athlete of the Month.  This month we are recognizing Bob Sutton.

You may have seen Bob featured before on our blog. Bob started his weight loss journey by doing the First Line Therapy program.First Line Therapy - Bob Sutton Once Bob made the decision to change his life he has not looked back. Bob started the First Line Therapy program in Sept 2013 at 412 pounds. In the first 6 months he lost 66 pounds and 45 inches.
In addition to losing inches and watching the scale go down Bob has also seen his blood pressure, and blood sugar go down.

In Dec of 2014 he decided he was ready to add more exercise to his new healthy lifestyle. Bob joined a FitRanx group at our Washington location. It was not easy but with the help of great trainers Bob was able chose the appropriate versions of various exercises.

Bob had two big motivators for adding exercise. One was to keep losing weight but the other was get his legs strong. All the years of being over weight had really taken a toll on his knees. Bob suspected that he was looking at a knee replacement in his future. Bob knew that getting his legs strong would help his recovery.

Bob Sutton 3All the trainers who have worked with Bob have seen great improvements in form, mobility and endurance. It is a joy to work with him and watch his progression.

Bob likes to chat with his fellow athletes before class as he is warming up but once that workout starts he is focused on the job at hand. Bob rarely misses a session and if he must miss he often make arrangements to come a different day.

Bob enjoys the variety of FitRanx and the fact that he is getting a full body workout hitting all the major muscle groups in a half hour.

His favorite exercise is any form of the bridge or anything done on the TRX.

Bob committed and has met many goals and challenges, and all with the same attitude – “just stay with it”.

Bob had that knee replacement this fall and we look forward to having him back in FitRanx this winter.