Fast Fixes for Common Excuses


Fast Fixes for common excuses

My Knees Hurt
Try shortening your stride and strengthening legs and hips.

FIX #1 Shorten your stride
No matter how comfortable the heel of
your shoe is, your body isn’t designed
to land on it when running, experts say.
Shorter strides help you land on the
middle of your foot activating your
body’s natural shock absorbers. This is
the thought behind the minimalists
shoes that have become so popular.
The shoe with its minimum heal
cushioning will force you to run more
like you are barefoot, landing on your
forefoot. Definitely look at some
educational videos on barefoot running
on YouTube.


FIX #2 Strengthen your hips and thighs
Often knee pain is caused by weakness in the quads (front of thigh) and hips.  A
lot of runners believe they don’t have to do strengthening exercises for their legs
because running is enough. Running is not enough. Proper squats, and lunges
are great exercise strengthen your hips and thighs. Not only can it help prevent
injury it can help improve your running.


Fix #3 You might be thinking OK great, how can I strengthen my hips and knees when my knees hurt?        You might need a skilled physical therapists to help you
through it. Total Health Systems have a number of skilled therapists that are
also runners who can help you work thru this excuse. The therapists will use
both hands on techniques as well as teach you exercises that will help you work
pass this excuse.
I Keep Getting Blisters

Get bigger shoes, fancy socks, and lube up.

FIX #1 Check your shoe size
Your feet can increase by up to half a size during a run or by the end of the day.
Try going up a half of shoe size. I actually have two different size shoes, one if I
run in the morning and a bigger shoe if I run in the evening.


FIX #2 Invest in fancy socks
Yes, there’s a difference between $1 and $10
socks. Fabrics that “wick sweat,” including
synthetics (like CoolMax) and lightweight wool (like
SmartWool), limit friction causing moisture.



FIX #3 Reduce rubbing
Apply a lubricant such as Body-Glide to hot spots before putting your socks on.


It Feels Too Hard

FIX #1 Talk to yourself
Exercisers who repeated an inspiring phrase (such as I am strong and beautiful!)
aloud at least three times before running a mile went faster and felt better than
when they did the same run without the mantra, according to research from the
University of Nevada.


FIX #2 Partner up
Not only is exercising with a friend more fun than going solo, but the company
also may make your workout feel easier, according to a recent British study.
Researchers believe the camaraderie may heighten levels of mood-boosting


FIX #3 Get an exercise metabolic test
Total Health Systems offers a test to find out what
heart rates you should be working out at. If it
feels too hard each and every run, you may be
running too hard. Running too hard can mean
you are not burning fat, pounding to hard on your
body and just not having fun. Doing this test will
allow our us to prescribe a 12 week training
program to maximize your time and results.

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