Who got blisters last week? Heat and humidity and longer runs have a way of taking a toll on your feet. Another common excuse for not training is blisters. So here are some tips on preventing blisters.

Get bigger shoes, fancy socks, and lube up.

FIX #1 Check your shoe size

Your feet can increase by up to half a size during a run or by the end of the day. Try going up a half of shoe size. It also helps to try shoes on at the end of the day not in the morning.

FIX #2 Invest in fancy socks

Yes, there’s a difference between $3 and $15 socks. Fabrics that “wick sweat,” including synthetics (like CoolMax) and lightweight wool (like SmartWool), limit friction causing moisture. Even the cheaper moisture wicking socks don’t stand a chance compared to the more expensive ones. Once you find a type of sock you really like buy more and watch for sales. If you can not tell a difference keep trying different socks until you find a brand and type that feel awesome the minute you put them on your feet.

FIX #3 Reduce rubbing

Apply a lubricant such as Body-Glide to hot spots before you put your socks. Body Glide or Runners Lube also works well other places you get hot spots or chaffing. Ladies it is common to get a hot or rough spot where your sport bra elastic crosses your chest. Try putting some there just to prevent it.

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Happy training. If you have any questions of concerns about your training please feel free to email me at Lnuyens@totalhealthsystems.com