Macomb County Chiropractor Discusses Ear Infections

Ear infections are the most common condition seen by pediatricians each year. Most ear infections are in children, but adults can suffer with them as well. Additionally, the most common type of ear infection is one within the middle ear known as Otitis Media. These types of infections are caused by excess fluid being trapped in the middle ear. The fluid can become trapped due to inflammation in the ear and the drainage/Eustachian tube.

Most often, the inflammation of the mucus membranes in the Eustachian tube is due to the person contracting a virus/cold or from an environmental allergy attack. Bacterial infections can also be a cause, but they are less common.

The common symptoms of an ear infection may include: pain the ear(s), decreased hearing, fever, yellowish, thick fluid visible in the outer canal, stuffy/runny nose, and sometimes a sore throat.

Treatment for ear infections can vary depending on the patient’s history and the doctor who treats them. In the past, the medical treatment of choice was antibiotics and Tylenol/acetaminophen. More recently, some doctors are shying away from prescribing the antibiotics because they are finding that most of the infections can resolve on their own within a few weeks. Most doctors will still recommend Tylenol/ acetaminophen as a fever reducer/pain reliever.

Additional home treatments can also be utilized to ease the patient’s discomfort from the infection. Some of these include: warm compresses over the ear and gargling with salt water to ease throat pain if present (if patient is old enough to gargle). Some combinations of essential oils can also be used as long as instructions for the type of oils used and their method of application are properly given.

Chiropractic care can be used in addition to and/or as an alternative to antibiotics in some cases of ear infection. Adjustments to the bone at the base of the skull known as the occiput and or adjustments to the first cervical vertebrae called the atlas, have been shown to assist in the mobilization of excess fluid through the Eustachian tube. Once the body’s natural ability to properly drain the fluid is achieved, the patient can usually recover from the infection within a short time with no other intervention necessary. Additionally, many chiropractors will recommend the use of a product called Calcium Lactate from Standard Process, to aid in fever management.

In addition to providing the adjustments, the skilled chiropractic physicians at Total Health Systems can also offer nutritional/dietary counseling that may help to decrease the incidence of recurring infections. If an antibiotic may be necessary, our medical doctors can evaluate the patient as well.

Macomb County Chiropractor Discusses Ear Infections

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Macomb County Chiropractor Discusses Ear Infections