Drinking Too Much Water - RunnersWarm, humid runs are the norm for Michigan in the summer months. Recent research
has shown that drinking cold, icy, slushy fluids keeps body temperature lower leaving
you feeling like you are not working so hard. Being dehydrated by just 2% can hinder
your performance. You know you need to drink but you may have also heard of some
runners drinking too much. To learn about how much to drink, and what to drink check
out the blog at:  https://www.totalhealthsystems.com/health-articles/
As an athletic trainer that works with a number of runners and endurance athletes every season I am surprised how many of my athletes don’t drink water or sports drinks while training. (even some of my veteran athletes forget the importance of drinking)
Dehydration does hinder performance. In 2010 the Journal of Athletic Training published a study showing that runners who ran a 12k dehydrated in 80 degree weather were about 2 1/2 minutes slower than when they were not dehydrated. Being dehydrated causes your blood volume to drop.
With lower blood volume your body’s ability to transfer heat is diminished and your heart has to beat faster.
Research does show that having cold drinks before and during the workout helps to keep body temperature down and keep down your rate of perceived effort. I recommend freezing a water bottle and taking that with you on the run. If I am doing a long run I will freeze half of my small bottles that I take in my fuel belt. That way I have don’t have to wait too long for the water or drink to unfreeze. By
the time I finish the unfrozen bottles the frozen are melted and ready to cool me off.  Always have drinking plan. Maybe a little bit different than your college days drinking plan. If you have an idea of how much you want to consume by what mile mark you are more likely to reach that goal. You should be drinking small amounts at regular intervals to avoid sloshing in your stomach and this will also
help the fluid to be absorbed more effectively.