How I found Chiropractic

Growing up I was always active. I played every sport imaginable and was always doing something. Somewhere between MMA and Dr. Jesse Snider, Total Health Systemsfootball during high school I did something to my neck and always had a hard time turning my head to the left and had a moderate amount of pain with it. I let it go for a couple years and figured it was normal to just deal with some aches and pains.

During my third year in undergrad I was between majors after coming to the realization that I didn’t want to be an accountant. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to switch my focus to at all but always did like the biological end of science. During this time, I took my mom to the chiropractor as she had “thrown her back out” and has always gotten relief when she gets adjusted. The chiropractor could see that I had a higher shoulder on one side, and couldn’t turn my neck much at all, and offered to adjust me. I was nervous but took him up on the offer. I had instantly gotten about 60% of the lost range of motion and the pain had gone down a significant amount as well. The next visit I got even more relief and that’s when I asked him what it took to become a chiropractor and if he liked it. He told me he didn’t like it and that he loved it. I switched my major a few days later in the middle of my 3rd year of undergrad to biology and never looked back.

Like he said to me: Where else do you get to help people in pain or discomfort, help them manage health and promote wellness, and get to go home without bringing a bunch of diseases and sickness to your family every day?

Written by Jesse Snider, D.C., Total Health Systems