Biggest Winner Finale

Congratulations to the Biggest Winner Team!!

  • As a mighty team, you have lost 104.5 pounds and still going strong!
  • The Biggest Winner Team has done an amazing job of losing weight and inches
  • 104.5 pounds of fat gone, and leaner, healthier, and stronger bodies to show!
  • New and positive attitudes on life! Healthy new life style changes!
  • You have worked hard as individuals and also as a team! Great job to all!
  • Keep at it! See your goal, and “Stay the Course”!
[divider] Patti Biggest Winner

Congratulations to Patti Thalhamer for being the Biggest Winner!!”

Patti started the Biggest Winner program on March 13, 2013, and once she made it the commitment, it was full speed ahead!

As Patti shared with the group, “Once I decided to do the program, I stayed with it every day. I stayed the course. You can do it too!” Patti did an amazing transformation during her Biggest Winner 90 Day Challenge.

Most Dramatic Lifestyle Changes

  • Think twice before eating – making conscious decisions about food
  • Awareness of portion sizes – staying with the program recommendations
  • Eating to fuel the body
  • Increased activity and exercise

Weight Loss

  • Twenty-seven pounds!

Inches Lost

  • Twenty-five inches!

Body Composition

  • Before body fat = 80.3 pounds
  • After body fat =    46.7 pounds
  • Before lean muscle mass = 103.1 pounds
  • After lean muscle mass    = 109.7 pounds

Top Runners up in the Biggest Winner Group – Great Job!

  • Congratulations Tracy Thiesen for losing 19.2 pounds!
  • Congratulations Jeri Mick and Tammy Thomas tied for each losing 10.2 pounds!
  • Congratulations Steph Kemmer for losing 10.0 pounds!

Congratulations to Stephanie Kemmer

“Biggest Factor that Helped Me to Lose Weight & Inches is the Support from the Biggest Winners Program!”

Support and Motivation from Total Health’s Biggest Winner Program is what Stephanie Kemmer states is the biggest factor in helping her to lose weight and inches and stay with her food and exercise program. She is has done great in her 90 day challenge, and has lost 15.8 pounds and 19 inches since beginning the First Line Therapy Therapeutic Lifestyle Program three months ago, and committing to the Biggest Winner Program. She also recently completed her first 5k race, the Arts and Orchard Festival of Races, last weekend, along with Geri Mick, also from the Biggest Winner Program, Personal Trainer Michelle Thom, and Ann Geister, all from Total Health Systems.

Most Dramatic Lifestyle Changes


  • Increased water twenty-fold! Went from 20 oz. per day to over 100 oz.
  • Increased exercise and activity daily, plus personal training
  • First 5K ever! Completed the race with ease and earned a great medal!
  • Relaxed and trusted that she could complete a 5K and did amazing!

Before and After Changes

Before Blood Pressure – 147/98
After Blood Pressure – 119/98

Weight loss = 15.8 pounds
Inches lost = 19 inches

Before and After Body Composition Changes

Before Body Fat – 94.6 pounds (45.1%)
After Body Fat – 84.3 pounds (42.8%)

Before Lean Muscle – 115.2 pounds (54.9%)
After Lean Muscle – 133.8 pounds (57.2)

GREAT JOB Stephanie!


We also have the Biggest Winner Team #2 that started April 17th

Congratulations Nancy Kempisty for losing 16 pounds! She will continue on to complete her 90 day challenge, and may be our next Biggest Winner!!