Dr. Lundgaard and Total Health Systems are currently fundraising for Relentless Detroit, an organization dedicated to supporting families and children suffering from cancer and other life threatening diseases.

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Please read about the first of our Relentless families (there are 6 in total). We will be posting about the families and update Dr Lundgaard’s training for the Relentless powerlifting competition and fundraiser throughout the next 12 weeks leading up to the event:

From the eastside of Michigan, please welcome the Cole family. Cameron, who is 16 years old and his brother Austin, who is nowCole Family - Relentless Detroit 12 years old both love spending time enjoying hobbies and other activities.
Cameron really enjoys any activity that has to do with cars and motorcycles. He has even taken up welding which goes hand in hand with his primary interest. Cameron’s brother Austin loves art, drawing, building projects and playing video games.
Last year the Cole family had to adjust to some very big changes that they were faced with. Cameron’s father suddenly lost his position at his job were he was employed for 14 years. Because of this change, the Cole family found themselves facing unforeseen financial difficulties.
On December 19th of last year, Cameron’s mother Jodi said that he began to complain about soreness on his upper leg. He told her that he thought that it might just be a torn muscle.
Jodi decided to take Cameron in to the urgent care as a precaution. The doctor delivered some devastating news to Jodi and Cameron. The doctor told them that he suspected that Cameron had lymphoma.
Cameron was admitted to Children’s Hospital for testing. Two days later the Cole family received Cameron’s diagnosis. The test showed that Cameron has T-cell Leukemia. The doctors began Cameron’s three and a half year chemo protocol immediately.
Over the last eight months, Cameron has gone through numerous phases of chemotherapy and has endured spinal taps as well as bone marrow aspirations. Jodi says that he has his ups and downs but he remains positive through it all.
Jodi said that this experience has strengthened their family. She also said that the experience has strengthened their faith in God because they know that he has been there with them every step of the way.
Relentless Detroit will also stand by the Cole family as Cameron fights this terrible disease. Please welcome his family to Relentless Detroit and welcome Cameron Cole as a RD Kid for 2015.