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Clinton Township, MI Chiropractor Discusses Lower Back Pain

We all have different, postures, sleeping patterns, and positions that feel more comfortable while we are watching T.V. or relaxing. Generally this information can be helpful when caring for low back pain (LBP).

When looking at lower back pain, often there’s a position where people feel less pain. This may be being seated, lying down on their abdomen or lying on their back with their knees bent. Once we check these positions it is possible to pinpoint the persons preferred movement in the spine. Then we take this info to set up a specific exercise plan to help minimize pain and increase strength and flexibility.

Most sufferers are inclined to feel better when their spine is in flexion(bent). This basically means, a position where the spine is removed from neutral position and placed into a forward movement. To provide an example, this might be sitting or lying face up with both knees bent. These positions might be more comfortable because the tension is removed from the pelvis creating a more favorable point where lumbar muscles can be relaxed. Flexion exercises might not be for all people. For instance, those that have acute disc herniation should avoid such exercises .

The other position is extension. With extension, patients may feel better standing or lying face down. This position, bends the spine backwards. Extension may not be suitable for everybody. People who have spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis, fractures or tumors shouldn’t do extension exercises.

Spondylolysis– a defect of vertebra.

Spondylolisthesis– a descriptive term referred to slippage of a vertebra

Dr. Paul Williams developed flexion exercises in the 1930s. He created these exercises to help reduce soreness and provide lower trunk stability. This happens by developing the abdominal muscles, gluteus maximus, and hamstring muscles. The flexion exercises also stretch the hip flexors and lower back muscles. Flexion exercises are rather easy to do and can help minimize tight muscles

Robin McKenzie developed extension exercises in the 1950s. These exercises help centralize the back discomfort a person is suffering from. If a patient has soreness in more than one area, for instance the lower back, right thigh, right buttock, and right calf, extension exercises can centralize pain so that in time the sufferer would feel discomfort in the lower back.

Both flexion and extension exercises can be used when alleviating lower back pain. With the knowledge of how these techniques apply to our patients, we can help with the recovery process and make lives easier.

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Clinton Township, MI Chiropractor Discusses Lower Back Pain

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