Chiropractic Care for Youth Athletes in Macomb County

chronic painWith today’s youth participating in sports at a younger and younger age, the number of children suffering from sports related injuries is increasing substantially. These injuries, if not cared for appropriately, can result in life-long problems and chronic pain. One of the best ways to help your young athlete recover from injury, prevent injury, and avoid chronic pain is to establish a routine of regular chiropractic care. Total Health Systems can help your young athlete perform better and be healthier with a routine of chiropractic care.

Kids and Sports

Recent studies have suggested that the 30 million youth that currently participate in organized sports will eventually suffer from the long-term effects of the injuries that they suffered in youth sports. This means chronic pain, musculo-skeletal issues, and for some, joint replacements. Many of these long-term impacts can be avoided, with good preventative care and post-injury recovery. That is where a good routine of chiropractic care comes in to play.

How Chiropractic Care Helps, Right Now

The theory behind chiropractic care is that a healthy spine, nervous system, and joints lead to complete overall health. Chiropractic adjustments are intended to release pressure in the nervous system, through spinal adjustments, and return extremity joints to proper alignment and function.

Certainly you have heard your child mention having sore knees, elbows, and an achy back, or discomfort associated with a sprain, strain, or jammed joint. These are all common problems that can be resolved with chiropractic care. They are also seemingly minor injuries that can cause unforeseen problems, later in life. When your child mentions these problems, or if they’ve just had another doctor’s appointment to examine a jammed finger or an achy joint, it’s time to follow up that appointment with a trip to the chiropractor. We can supplement the care your child receives from their physician with techniques that are designed to put the body back in place and improve injury recovery.

Chronic Pain, Injury Recovery and Prevention

Good chiropractic care can help your child recover quicker from injury. By improving nervous system performance and placing joints in proper alignment, your young athlete’s body can focus on healing, instead of managing discomfort, tightness, and misalignment. Better and faster recovery means that your child doesn’t have to sit on the sidelines as long. And if your child is passionate about their sport, this will make them happier, as well as healthier.

Body Awareness

The bottom line with any sort of holistic care, is to help you become more aware of your body’s needs. Many adults don’t know how to listen to their body and care for it when it needs extra attention. Chiropractic care for your child athlete will help them to start learning how to listen to their body. As adults, this means that they will know when they’ve pushed activity too far, or when they really need to see a doctor for care. This personal attention means that your child with have a healthy body now, as an athlete, and later as a weekend warrior.

For More Information on Chiropractic Care for Youth Athletes in Macomb County

Total Health Systems is dedicated to helping your entire family feel great through our holistic care programs. If your young athlete needs a tune up or just wants to perform better, we can design a regular routine of care that will keep them feeling great, prevent injury, and help them recover quicker. To schedule an appointment or to learn more about Total Health System’s services, call or stop by one of our five convenient locations today.