Chiropractic Care and Athletes – Road to a Healthier, Better Performing You

Chiropractic Care for Athlete Macomb County

Benefit of Chiropractic Treatment – Road to a Healthier, Better Performing You

Chiropractic Care for Athlete Macomb CountyAll athletes, whether you are a serious competitor or just a weekend warrior, suffer from the wear and tear of your sport. Many athletes reject the idea of using chiropractic care, believing that it is only useful for individuals who are suffering from chronic neck and back issues. However, advances in chiropractic care and the benefit of chiropractic treatment and soft muscle therapies can significantly improve the performance of an athlete. If you are a Macomb County athlete or weekend warrior, here are some ways that we can help improve your body’s performance and recovery, through chiropractic care.

Care After High Impact Sports

Athletes who participate in high impact sports such as football, rugby, wrestling and hockey take a physical beating. Their body suffers from a significant amount of strain from their activities, and in some cases the impacts are similar to those suffered in a car accident. This repeated strain on the joints and muscles can result in joint pain, muscle tension, reduced range of motion and often chronic pain and discomfort. A regular routine of chiropractic care for the high impact athlete can reduce this strain and improve performance, range of motion, and reduce recovery time from injury.

Low Impact and Endurance Athletes

Many athletes who participate in low impact sports (golf, tennis, bowling) or endurance sports (long distance running, biking or tri-athletes) strain their bodies in different ways. While it’s easy to see the damage caused by high impact sports, repetitive motion injuries and strains suffered by low impact athletes can be harder to see and often go untreated. Chiropractic care provides similar benefits for low impact athletes; improved range of motion and decreased muscle tension. However, for the low impact athlete the greatest benefit of chiropractic treatment is the reduced strain on joints and soft tissue from repetitive motion. Repetitive motion injuries can sideline an athlete, often for an undetermined amount of time. Your Macomb County chiropractor can provide routine adjustments and suggestions for post-activity self-care that will reduce the repetitive motion impacts on the body.

Treatments That Work for Athletes

Modern chiropractic care for athletes goes beyond the traditional adjustment. Yes, we do use adjustments to release the tensions in your neck and spine caused by your athletic activities. But we can do more. Chiropractic care today involves the release of soft tissue tension as well as joint tension. In many cases, before a spinal adjustment can be made, soft tissue needs to be released. For athletes we often recommend a good sports massage before an adjustment to relax and release muscle and soft tissue tension. Athletes who suffer from repetitive motion injury can also benefit from a new technique called Kinesio taping. Many chiropractors are trained on this technique which uses a specialized tape that is placed on the body to provide soft tissue support or to assist with correct joint movement. This can be helpful for the athlete who suffers from anything from tennis elbow to plantar fasciitis, or needs immediate support for a joint sprain. Kinesio taping is a great preventative measure for an athlete at any level.

If you’re an athlete and looking for a Macomb County Chiropractor to help improve your performance or injury recovery, Total Health Systems’ expert chiropractors can get you on the road to a healthier, better performing you. Call us today at one of our locations to make an appointment.


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