Get the Most from Your Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic Adjustment - Macomb County, MIDon’t you just love how your body feels after a chiropractic adjustment? Most of our patients report that an adjustment makes them feel like they are looser and have more mobility throughout their body. But, this feeling never lasts. While a weekly adjustment would probably be the best answer for making your body feel great all the time, for some of our Macomb County clients, this just isn’t practical or affordable. So you have to find ways to make your adjustment last longer than just a few hours. With a few easy steps, you can make today’s adjustment last until your next visit with us.

Stay Active

This is really important for keeping your back adjustment fresh, for a longer time. The purpose of an adjustment is to create mobility, and an adjustment is a movement of your joints. So, it only makes sense that you should stay active after an adjustment. To make the most of every adjustment, avoid sitting for an extended period of time afterwards. We’re not talking anything strenuous or overbearing. Just get out for a short walk, a gentle swim, or ride your bike for a little while. If you are visiting us at the end of your day, don’t just go home and plop down on the couch. Play with your kids or pets, or walk in place while you watch TV. Just stay active, and keep those joints moving.


We’ve released a lot of junk in your body with a chiropractic adjustment. That junk, if you don’t flush it out of your body can result in you feeling nauseated or with really sore muscles. To remedy this problem, drink a lot of water following your adjustment. This will keep your joints lubricated, muscles hydrated, and move all of that nasty stuff out of your body. 

Better Posture

When you leave our office after an adjustment, don’t go back to old posture habits. This means adjusting your office workspace so your back and spine are in the right position. Don’t lean to one side in your chairs, and be mindful of standing up straight and tall with shoulders back. Returning to bad posture habits negates the time and efforts we’ve just made with your chiropractic adjustment. So, it’s important that you start new, posture habits that will support your neck and back and keep everything in the correct position.

Sleep Better

Yes, sometimes this can be hard. We change our sleeping position often during the night. Yet, one of the worst things we do for our backs is to sleep in bad positions, using unsupportive pillows. To extend your adjustment, be conscious about how you are going to bed. If necessary, purchase a new pillow that supports your neck, and then work on sleeping on your side or back. Stomach sleeping can wreak havoc on your back and neck, so getting comfortable on your side or back can make your chiropractic adjustment last even longer.

When you leave our office after a chiropractic adjustment, you want the great feeling to last as long as possible. Sure, you can visit us weekly, but for some of our clients this isn’t practical. Make sure that you have a good routine of self-care, after your appointment, to extend the results of your adjustment.

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