Chesterfield Twp Chiropractor Explains the Qualities of a Healthy Spine

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Central Nervous System Function

When most people think of the term “healthy”, they think of eating a good diet and working out. What many people don’t realize is the importance of a healthy spine in relation to overall vitality, longevity, and pain-prevention. Here are a few reasons to make chiropractic care an essential part of your personal healthcare explained by a Chesterfield chiropractor.

The Function of the Spine

The spine is so much more than just the group of bones and ligaments that link together to hold us up. The key functions of the spine are movement, protection, support, control, and coordination. The ability of movement is a primary part of life and the structure and health of the spine can greatly affect our movement.

Support for the Head

Strong support for the head is very important for one’s health because the movement capabilities and flexibility of the neck is crucial for basic survival and protection skills, and is used daily for many activities. The shoulders and pelvic girdles are attached to the spine and supported by the spine, making good spinal health and proper posture an essential contributing role to one’s quality of life.

Protection of the Central Nervous System

The spine also affects the protection of the central nervous system by allowing it to function properly. The spinal cord located inside of the spine controls every cell in the body, including the tissues and organs. If the spine is out of alignment, and is experiencing abnormal wear and tear, it will affect nearly every function of the body and will weaken the body’s ability to be as healthy as it can possibly be.

The Cause of Vertebral Subluxation

Vertebral subluxation is a term known to chiropractors and describes the situation when an alteration of spinal function and structure irritates the central nervous system and disrupts the protection of the spinal nerves that travel to muscles and organs for optimal function. Fatigue is the main cause of vertebral subluxation and occurs when a bodily system is stressed and changes its structure. This change caused by stress can lead to injury which prevents the body from repairing and healing itself. Because the spine directly affects the nervous system, this subluxation can lead to sickness due to a weakened immune system.

The Cause of Fatigue

When the body is suffering from chronic physical stress, or an accident occurs that weakens a part of the body, fatigue develops and is most often the result of long-term, stress from poor nutrition and improper or inadequate exercise.

Chiropractic Care Can Help Your Spine and Overall Health

The effects of long-term physical stress, poor posture, and a weakened nervous system can all lead to tight or weak muscles, spinal disc deterioration, back and neck pain, and more issues that are less well known including poor concentration, headaches and migraines, jaw pain, poor sleep, and knee problems. Chiropractic care is a treatment method that uses spinal adjustments and attunements to realign the spine for optimum health of the spinal structure and all of the related areas.

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