RBenefits of Strength Trainingunners who are both mentally and physically strong will be healthier in the long run. Whether you are doing this event for fun, and you just like running or maybe you committed to this and were hoping to lose some weight, I recommend adding strength training to your routine. Let me share with you some of benefits of strength training, no matter what your goals are.

As I have mentioned before I hear runners who say they don’t need to do strength training (specifically) their legs because they run. I hear people trying to lose weight tell me they are going to do cardio exercise to lose the weight then add in resistance. Both of these ways of thinking are flawed. The big reason you want to build muscle is because it burns more calories. Fat does nothing, burns very few calories, it’s just there taking up room in your jeans. Muscles use oxygen therefore burn calories, even at rest.

Building muscle makes you more efficient. Strength training can help you run faster, longer, more efficiently and recover quicker. Strength training decreases your risk of injury. By doing squats, single leg work you can help prevent lower body injury because you are increasing joint stability which is reducing your risk for repetitive stress injuries.

Some avoid weight training because they fear bulking up, but I feel this thinking has begun to go the wayside. Some avoid weight training because they are just not sure what to do and are intimidated by it. If this you, come see our personal trainers at Total Health and see if working with a trainer in a private setting is just the place you need to learn to be comfortable with weight training. Call today for a FREE consultation.

Saturday April 30 at 9:00 am, at Chesterfield Michelle Thom will be hosting another group training run. We hope there is not 3 inches of snow and we have warmer temperatures and bigger turn out this time. This is a non-competitive environment where everyone is welcome. It does not matter if you walking, jogging or running, everyone is welcome.

Clinton Township Health System Discusses Mentally and Physically Strong Runners

If you are interested in the run on April 30, please email lnuyens@totalhealthsystems.com or comment on FB that you plan on coming. If you are interested in making an appointment with one of our expert staff please call us at 586-228-0270.

Clinton Township Health System Discusses Mentally and Physically Strong Runners