benefits of good postureMost of us have grown up being told to sit up straight and to not slouch our shoulders. Whether this instruction came from our parents or our teachers, chances are it wasn’t exactly welcomed with open ears. However, having good posture is so much more than just a way to please our mothers.  Good posture is an important part of overall health and has many benefits.

When you begin taking notice of your posture and trying to correct yourself from slouching and slumping, it can feel very unnatural and uncomfortable. But the more you do it, the more it’ll become second nature and you’ll begin reaping the rewards of having healthy posture. Here are the top benefits of good posture, and why having good posture is something you should put on your list of priorities for the coming year.

1. Give the Illusion of Self Confidence

Body language is the first thing someone sees when they meet another person, and it is often more powerful than the words someone speaks. A slouched posture gives the impression that a person has low self-confidence, is shy, and is unsure or nervous. Think of going up in front of a group of people to present. Most people are very uncomfortable in this situation and want to curl up in a ball and hide. They may slouch and avoid eye contact with the group. While doing this may make you feel like you are being watched less, it actually hurts the impression you’re giving and makes it very obvious that you are uncomfortable. Practice taking deep breaths, and standing straight with your shoulders back. You may also try something known as the “power pose” which involves an open, straight posture with hands on your hips.

2. Open Up Your Airways for Easier, Fuller Breathing

We are often asked to sit up straight when the doctor is listening to our breathing during a check up. When you are constantly slumped and slouched over, you are essentially collapsing your lungs upon themselves and are reducing your ability to take deep, full breaths. In turn, your body receives less oxygen and you may be experiencing overall body fatigue.

3. Improve Your Digestion

Good posture improves your digestion because it allows your internal organs to function properly in their natural position. This can cause your digestive system to flow and function without the compression from slouching and slumping. Poor posture has also been found to be a contributing cause of acid reflux and constipation.

4. Look Slimmer and Taller

When you slouch, you lose a few inches from your height and add about 3-5 pounds to your appearance. It doesn’t seem like this would be something that anyone would want. Standing straight with your shoulders back can make you look slimmer, taller, and make your clothes look better.

5. Prevent Injury and Degenerative Conditions

Good posture helps keep your bones and joints in alignment and lowers the risk of abnormal wearing of the joints that can lead to arthritis and joint pain. Proper posture can also lower stress put on the ligaments that hold the spinal joints together which can lead to lowered risk of injury. When you stand and sit with good posture, you are allowing your muscles to work more efficiently, use less energy, and prevent muscle fatigue.

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