Benefits of Body Composition Analysis - Macomb County, MIFor a long time, health professionals relied on Body Mass Index (BMI) as the indicator for total body health. The combination of weight and height appeared to give a good indication of how much of the body was fat compared with lean muscle. It was assumed that the heavier you were, compared to your height, the worse condition that your body was in. Today, bioelectrical impedance analysis is helping nutritionists and health professionals gain a better, more complete understanding of your body composition. Body composition analysis is important for a number of reasons. If you are struggling to lose weight or need to achieve a higher level of fitness, body composition analysis can help. These are the benefits of body composition analysis.

Lose Fat, Gain Muscle

The more you know about your body’s composition, the easier it will be for your nutritionist, personal trainer and physician to develop a plan to help you get over that weight loss plateau and lose the stubborn fat, and build lean, healthy muscle; in a nutshell, get you to your ideal healthy body composition. Knowing your body composition will also help us ensure that you don’t lose too much fat. Especially for women, a body that is too lean can be wrought with problems. This is often seen in female athletes, but can also be problematic for male athletes also. So body composition analysis is also important for athletes that are hoping to improve their performance.

Define Long-Term Health Risks

Knowing your body composition will help you understand the risks that you have for long-term health issues such as high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure. In many cases, these chronic diseases are closely associated with high body fat composition, and low levels of lean muscle mass. Even slender individuals are at risk of these health conditions if their body composition shows that despite a slender frame and healthy weight, their body has high fat content and low lean muscle. Understanding your body’s make-up will help us determine the correct fitness regimen and a nutritional plan to get your body back in line, and reduce your risk of long-term health complications.

Osteoporosis Risk

Besides the long-term health risks, such as diabetes and high cholesterol, there are other things that we can learn about your body through body composition analysis. One health concern that can show up on a body composition analysis profile is osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a condition where bone density diminishes due to a variety of factors including diet, age, genetics, muscle mass, and lifestyle choices. The loss of calcium and bone density can make bones brittle and prone to breaks. While we cannot diagnose osteoporosis directly through a body composition analysis, we will know if you are likely to have the condition due to lower body density readings. Strong healthy bones will increase your body density while bones that are deteriorating will show a lower body density.

Body composition analysis is an important tool for helping your holistic health practitioners help you get the most from your fitness and diet plans. Whether you are an athlete looking for better performance or are just looking to lose weight and be healthier, body composition analysis can improve your odds for meeting your goals. These are the benefits of body composition analysis.

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