Swim – Bike – Run!

Where could you possibly go and have such a great time? Whether you are a participant or a spectator, the Anchor Bay Triathlon has proven to be a great community event that draws up to 250+ athletes a year, with a large cheering team of friends, family, and people of the community.

This year was even more exciting as New Baltimore and the Anchor Bay Triathlon celebrated its 30th year. The town hosted a Diane Delf, Anchor Bay Triathlon 2pre-race pasta dinner for the athletes, and family and friends were invited to eat for $5.00 each. All you can eat! The day of the race the streets were lined with hundreds of cheering spectators, volunteers, police officers guiding traffic, friends, family, and community people celebrating the benefits and joy of health, nutrition, exercise, wellness, commitment, and discipline.

Total Health Systems was right there along with the Anchor Bay and New Baltimore community, ready to assist in any way. Information on the many services of Total Health Systems was available – Chiropractic – Medical – Physical Therapy – Massage – Nutrition – Fitness, and more! The triathletes, were invited to enjoy a pre-race warm – up, or an after-race massage. As an Anchor Bay Triathlon sponsor, Total Health Systems also donated 5 one hour massages (worth $50.00 each), as well as Biofreeze samples and fitness coupons in every race bag. The Biofreeze was especially useful after the event, as triathletes were happy to soothe well used muscles!

Are you thinking that such an event, or another sport, is something you have always wanted to do, but were not sure how to go about starting?

Diane Delf, Anchor Bay TriathlonTotal Heath Systems is the place to start! At Total Health we can guide you to achieve your health and wellness goals, as well as get you started on an actual training program. We have a variety of health care professionals that are highly trained in every aspect of assisting you to prepare and complete your fitness goals, and enjoy the benefits of improved health and wellness, along with increased energy and joy in life!

We also have a number of employees that train and compete on a regular basis, and work hard at completing their own goals. They are involved in a wide variety of events, some which may interest you! These events range from walking, running, biking, swimming, triathlons, weight lifting, body building, marathons, 5k races, Swamp Foot Muddy 4 Miles, and more.

We would like to share stories and blogs about some of our employee/athletes, and how they began their health and wellness journey. The stories are interesting , diverse, and motivating, and tell how seeking fitness and good health often leads to dramatic lifestyle changes and competing in events. You may be very surprised to learn what motivated them to begin their first step to improved health, and how it has changed their lives! Watch for future blogs on Team Total Health and their experiences to improved fitness and well being!