Total Health Systems has encouraged our patients to participate in the Lets Move Festival of Races for the last 6 years. The Lets Move Festival of Races took place this year on April 30 under ideal racing conditions.

Age Group Finishes - Top 10

Total Health Systems encourages our patients, their families, and their friends to participate in the event by providing a discount on the race, training programs, and workshops to help participants prepare for the event. This year events included, “Training Kick Off”, “What is Metabolic testing and how can it help me with my health and fitness goals?”, “This is How We Roll”,  “Core Training for Runners and Walkers”, and “Fire Up for Race Day”.


In addition to the free education, Total Health Systems provides a Team THS tee shirt to everyone who signs up to participate as part of the Total Health Systems Team. After completing the race team members can pick up a gift certificate for a massage.   On race morning Sandy Lundgaard, FitRanX trainer,  lead the group of 70 plus runners thru a dynamic warm up.  We also take time to get lots of pictures.


We have many participants that have participated in this event all 6 years. Some of these athletes are working to improve their time each year. This year we had a large number of athletes that earned hardware. (Hardware is race lingo for they placed in their age group and will take home a trophy or plaque to commemorate their achievement)


We also have a large number of people who have never done an event like this, they are just looking to finish with a smile on their face. Doing an event like this with Team Total Health provides a lot of support and tips to first timers. Laurie, our Fitness Program Director, provides information like what is a bib, where to stand, how early to get there, and where to get there, this helps to calm many of the first timers nerves.


This year we had a large number FitRanX athletes that participated this year. Many of these athletes, did not train specifically for the event but the conditioning and fitness they have acquired from FitRanx allowed for them to jog the whole thing. A quite amazing testament to their fitness and dedication to FitRanX.


One of those FitRanX athletes who took a risk and tried our this event was Michelle Swinder.   At the “Fire Up for Race Day” workshop, Michelle was not sure she could jog the whole thing, but was determined to have fun and see what she could do.  Michelle has recently discovered her inner athlete by participating in FitRanx 2x week and our TRX class 1x a week.  Michelle was surprised to see that her new found fitness level allowed her to jog the whole distance.  Michelle said she could not believe she jogged the whole thing and is so happy she did it.  “It’s because of THS that I was capable of doing it”


Mary Lou David and Jolanta Maj, have participated in the event 3 times. This year they improved their time by more than 2 minutes.  Jolanta was in the top 10 of her age group and Mary Lou is excited to take home some hardware by placing 2nd in the 70- 74 age group.


Many of you know Rachel Force, from the front desk. She has worked at 3 of our 4 front desks keeping the clinic running smoothly. When asked how many times she has done the event she says four, because “I have gray, blue, green and orange THS shirts”. Rachel enjoys doing the event because it gets her and and her family moving and it’s great way to spend together.  Her son Wesley, 10, has done the event the last 3 years, and Sydney, 13, did the event last year and this year.  Last year, Rachel’s youngest was in her belly, but this year Zoey,8 months, enjoyed the event from a stroller.


Diane Delf, our Wellness Coordinator, took the Grand Master Division with a time of 26.59.


Other notable finishes from the day include:

Top 10 age group finishes

Nick Selzer

Father and Son, Doug Petron and Bradley Petron both came in 2nd in their respective age groups

Brian Brumm

John Ruzza, 3rd in his age group

Piotr Kasprzyk

Claire Murphy

Sisters, Alana and Linnea took 3rd and the 4th in the 12 and under age group

Katie Holdwick, taking after her mom, Diane Delf, earned 3rd in the 30 -34 age group

Megan Kipp

Antia Rich, took 3rd in the 55- 59 age group.

Jolanta Maj

Mary Lou David earned 2nd place in the 70-74 age group.


It is great to see our oldest team member, Mary Lou David and our youngest team member Alana Lundgaard both taking home hardware. If you placed in the top 3 of your age group and did not receive your trophy be sure to stop by Hanson’s Running shop on M-59 to pick it up.


Congratulations to all 77 athletes of our Total Health Systems Team! You can pick up your massage gift certificate by stopping by the clinic where you picked up your tee shirt.


The fun is not over, if a one of the Total Health Systems personal trainers spots you at another race this season in your THS tee shirt you could be presented with another give certificate for a massage.