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Sandy Vu-Lundgaard, Fitness Instructor

Sandy Lundgaard, Fitness Instructor, Total Health SystemsSandy Lundgaard has been in the the fitness industry for over 25 years. In 1989 she started as a Group Fitness Instructor while attending College in Canada.

In 2001 Sandy transitioned to competing in Ms. Fitness Competitions. Being a National Competitor she has performed and has been a guest speaker for the body building and fitness industry. Since 2002 she has also worked for MMUSA supplements as a spokesperson.

Sandy has a background in various martial art which include Karate, Ju Jitsu, Kick Boxing, and Wushu. In 2011 she acquired her CoreBox Certification and starting teaching Cardio Kickbox at Total Health Systems.

When Total Health Systems introduced the FitRanX program in 2013. Sandy became FitRanX Certified. Sandy teaches the FitRanX groups mainly at our Chesterfield location. Sandy is known for pushing her athletes and being a stickler for perfect form.

Yousseff Bujaidar, Certified Personal Trainer

Yousseff Bujaidar, graduated from Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Exercise Science. During his stay at Grand Valley, Yousseff was involved with carrying out and assisting in various studies. One in particular was sponsored by Muscle Pharm and tested the effects of BCAA’s on muscle soreness and overall performance.

Yousseff’s passion for sports and athletic performance drives his determination to help athletes of all ages achieve a higher level of fitness, sport specific performance, and overall well-being. Yousseff continues to be a lifelong student, learning from peers in the field and scholarly journals, in hopes of being able to offer the best possible advice and training to clients.

Yousseff currently teaches FitRanx groups at our Washington and Clinton Township, and helps the Eisenhower High School Varsity football with their strength and conditioning program.


Jonathan Hills, Certified Personal Trainer

Jonathan Hills, graduated from Oakland University with a Bachelor degree in Exercise Science, with intentions of pursuing a career in strength and conditioning. He completed his exercise science practicum at Total Health Systems, assisting in the FitRanx classes and also helping the Eisenhower Football Team implement their strength training program.

Jonathan has kept his passion for sports and athletic performance while using it to motivate other athletes of all age groups to become a more well-rounded, physically fit individual.  Jonathan is inspired to continue his education in the field of strength and conditioning, constantly learning from his peers on the best way to assist clients in achieving the best overall well-being possible.

Jonathan currently is a substitute trainer for FitRanx classes at both the Chesterfield and Washington Twp. Locations.