Tips for the Newer Runners out there who are doing the 5K


First of all congratulations for signing up for a 5k Race! Now you have a goal and this is great motivation and helps you focus and commit to training. 

So how long is a 5k? 5k Race Training and Information

What did you sign yourself up for?

It’s running across a football field 54.68 times.

It’s like running the bases 45.47 times or running the length of a NBA basketball course 174.13 times.

A 5k is very doable, it will challenge you but not enough to get you discouraged. It is 3.1 miles. Just so you know, 5k stands for 5000 kilometers.

Create a few running routes.
You can use your car to map out a loop or use a mapping website to plot your course.  Google maps works well and so does  It’s good to have a few different routes from your home. It is also nice to go to one our many trails. Of course the Macomb-Orchard trail is a great option. For some different scenery, try Stony Creek, MetroBeach, Paint Creek Trail are a few other options. You can always go to a track at the closest high school of middle school. It’s about 4 laps to a
mile. If you decide to try the track it’s a good idea to change directions on the track. Not necessarily every lap but maybe
every mile or every visit to the track. Always running the same direction can lead to injuries in knees and hips. When you
run the curve your inside leg and outside leg, each work a little different which can lead to injuries.

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